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Hello my friends, watchers and visitors, :wave:

Finally, I'm back!! Almost 2 years without any new deviations from me, I'm back with all new identities and hopes. :)

I'll take my time to create new stuff for you guys outside there. Hope you all always support me in whatever I do.
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| I'm Back !!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2008, 3:44 AM

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Hello friends, watchers and visitors, :wave:

I'm back !! Haven't had time to reply my messages and check new deviations from you all (at this time I got 799 deviations, 631 messages and 9 notes). So, I'll get to that later before I'm going back to boarding school soon.   

Oh ya. Don't expect anything special from me because I don't have enough time to make new deviation for you. And I'm very busy with many commitments; F1 In Schools Project and also other co-curriculum activities.


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| I'm Subscribed !!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2008, 11:17 PM


Wow !!  

I never expected that finally I got my first subscription in dA. Many thanks to Aapis for the 3 month subscription and I would like to recommend you all to visit his gallery. He got great stuff especially on web design and don't forget to :+fav: some of his works!!  

“Many thanks to my friend,
Aapis for the 3 month subscription.
You are great !!”

20,000 Pageviews

At last, I got 20K pageviews !!
Thanks everyone for all your comments and :+fav: and :+devwatch:.

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Last week we mentioned that Microsoft was backing away from sales forecasts that it's now calling "aggressive" for Windows Vista through 2008.  A lot of people marked slow sales up to a combination of hardware and software support lagging, and the lack of compelling reasons to move away from Windows XP considering how stable of an OS it has become in the last 5 years.

However, it seems Microsoft sees the issue a bit differently.

In the same call last week with analysts saying that estimates on sales were overly aggressive, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says one way to improve sales is to tighten the screws on pirates through strengthening of the Windows Genuine Advantage protection system.  Claiming "Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth..."

Specifically mentioned, was targeting emerging markets in Asia, currently hotbeds for software piracy.

The question is, will making it harder to pirate encourage more sales?  Or will these protections just prove a minor annoyance that will just take a little while longer for hackers to overcome?  And what will be the cost to legal users who find themselves having to prove their "legal" copies to Microsoft in the future?